Princesses & Palaces Tour

A tour to one of the summer residences outside St. Petersburg
price: 6000 rub

A tour out of St. Petersburg to the great country estates of Russian tsars. An excellent insight into the lives of the nobility and a pleasant ride out of town. Pick any estate you like! With this tour you can visit one of estates just outside St. petersburg. It is also possible to add a second estate to turn the tour into a full day tour. The most famous are Peterhof and Tsarskoe Selo.

Possible estates:


The summer residence of Peter the Great. Well known for its magnificient fountains and big park. Peter himself liked to stay at a small house near the sea in the park, away from the big palace. A must see in summer!


Now known as 'the Putin Palace' as it hosts official big time events such as the recent G20. Apart from that, it is a very nice 18th century palace. Very good to combine with Peterhof!


The Summer estate of Peter the Great's friend Menshikov. Therefore also very near Peterhof (and very good to combine). The only palace which stayed original after the devastation of WOII.


From Catherine the Great and her 'favourite' not-so-smart son to the last Czar - all have spent time here and left their marks around and in the Palace. 

Tsarskoe Selo

Perhaps the most famous of all country estates. The blue-and-gold palace is simply an awesome palace and a must visit. Its facades and the interior are equally beautiful!


Quiet, nice and often overlooked. Pavlovsk is a nice getaway from the city. Wander around the nice park and fall in love with the romantic palace. Very good to combine with Tsarkoe Selo!

Alexandrovsky Palace

The Palace was the home of Nicholas I, the Tsar who resisted and eventually conquered Napoleon. It is also conveniently located just around the corner from Tsarskoe Selo and, therefore, forms an ideal combination with the latter. 

*It is also possible to combine 2 estates into a full day tour. Some of the estates are located very close to each other and, therefore, it would be a pity to miss out any. That's why we recommend visiting 2 estates on the same day. Besides it is also a good possibility to enjoy a Russian lunch! Please ask us about the options and attractive combo prices.

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  • Entrance fees (covering 1 estate)
  • Pick up/drop off at hotel
  • Transfer per classic Soviet car
  • Visit to one country estate
  • Tours available every day
  • Duration:  +/- 5 hours

Price: RUB 6000

  • Recommended start of the tour 10AM
  • The tours are shared. If you want to have a private tour that is possbile for a surcharge.
  • With all tours there is a possibility of adding a Soviet style lunch (or early dinner) for just RUB 500 per person.