Novgorod Tour

A very nice one-day getaway from St. Petersburg. Lots of interesting historical details and ties with the old Hansaetic league. From an impressive Kremlin and wooden architecture to a weird Soviet theater - Novgorod has it all. When you walk around in the old center, it doesn't feel like a city but rather like a village. The charming rural atmosphere is enhanced by the view of a river and a lake. 

The Kremlin is very well preserved and beautiful to walk in. It has Medieval bell towers and Orthodox churches inside it. Across the brigde, there is an old market - a place where merchants from all over Europe would buy fur and timber. 

Just outside the city centre is the wooden architecture museum, worth a visit. Near the lake (and close to the wooden architecture museum), there is an Orthodox monastery. Often overlooked but still very interesting is the slowly decaying Soviet theater, just a 10 minutes' walk away from the Kremlin. 


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If you are interested in the one-day tour to Novgorod, please enquire. We can also arrange multiple day visits or organise it as a stop on the way to Moscow.