All our tours are done in Soviet or Russian vehicles*. Why? Because we are in Russia and they are cheaper than big Mercedes vans, which means we can offer you a cheaper tour. But better than that, they add more fun and excitement to a tour. Nothing makes you feel more in Russia then a noisy, slightly uncomfortable, smelly, old piece of Soviet engineering pride. In our opinion the drive should already be a part of the adventure and with our cars that certainly is the case!

*We try as hard as possible. However, with bigger groups, it may happen that we will have to fall back to regular vehicles. We understand that you will miss all the noise and excitement which comes naturally with a Soviet vehicle - that is why we specially record Soviet car noises to enjoy in such cases.

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Volga 24

This GAZ Volga 24, also known as the Soviet Mercedes, is a 70's Soviet produced car. With a 4-in-line producing 125 horsepower  (perhaps less at the moment), Volga 24 weighs 1300KG. The car was designed for Russian road conditions and is, therefore, pretty heavy and tough. The atmosphere of the 70's is also highlighted in its interior with a fancy fakewood dashboard, a cassette player and mustard-colored seats.